Know Your Core Components

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What does core stability mean?

Know Your Core Components

When fitness articles or gym instructors talk about “core muscles,” what do they really mean?

Your body's “core” is your center of gravity, which is the area around your trunk and pelvis. Strong core muscles provide a firm platform for all your sports activities, and for the activities of everyday life. Weak core muscles increase your risk of developing low back pain, poor posture and other muscle strains.

“Core stability” means that the muscles in your pelvis, hips, abdomen, and lower back are working together to support your spine. That's why abdominal exercises for women are so important.

Believe it or not, there are 29 core muscles in your trunk and pelvic area, and the best abdominal exercises for women are the ones that work several of these muscles simultaneously.

Start these two simple moves that you can do anywhere:

  1. Abdominal crunch (or sit-up) in whatever variation you like; start with two sets of 15 repetitions. Concentrate on using your abs, rather than pulling your head forward with your hands, and focus on quality, rather than quantity. You don't need to do 100 sit-ups; do 30 in which you focus on a full range of motion and you can really feel the abs working.
  2. Plank position: This is the pre-pushup position. Place your hands on the floor and curl your toes under to lift your body away from the floor. Keep your hands positioned directly underneath your shoulders. Focus on pulling your belly in towards your spine, but keep breathing smoothly. Try to hold this position for 20 seconds.



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