Beginner Swim Workout

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What are the benefits of a beginner swim workout?

Beginner Swim Workout

There are many reasons that a beginner swim workout can be beneficial to anyone who is starting a fitness program. Since the buoyancy of water lightens your weight by about 90 percent, any type of exercise that is performed in the pool will be easier on the joints than exercises performed on land. This is especially helpful if you are significantly overweight, or if you suffer from any muscular/skeletal injuries.

A beginner swim workout is especially helpful to anyone who lives in a hot and humid climate, where finding motivation to exercise might be a justifiable challenge. Additionally, once you improve your stroke, you will burn more calories during your swimming session. So the next time you go on vacation, you will have an enjoyable fitness plan to prevent excessive weight gain. In addition to learning to swim, you might also enjoy other pool workouts such as aqua aerobics and aqua sculpting. There are even cutting edge pool workouts such as Poolates, which is a Pilates water workout, and Aqua Yoga.

Getting Started: Here are some things you will need to begin a swim fitness program:

Bathing Suits: A snug-fitting Lycra bathing suit is a durable investment

Goggles: Goggles are needed to protect your eyes from the chlorine. Correctly fitting goggles will maintain leak-proof protection without being too tight. They need to be small enough to fit under your eyebrows. Before buying, try the suction test: Remove the head strap and push the goggles to your eyes to create a slight suction. If they stay on your face for a moment, they fit.

Ear Plugs: If you are prone to ear infections, a set of silicone ear plugs is a good investment.

Bathing Caps: Some public pools require them. If you color your hair, you will want one, in order to keep the chlorine from turning your hair green!

Fins: These are great for building leg strength.

Paddles: Hand paddles are excellent for upper body strength.

Kick Board: Kick boards train you to rely on your legs for propulsion. Since increasing your leg exertion will burn more calories, a kick board is a welcome addition to your swim workout.



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