A Personal Trainer's Fitness Assessment

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What is the point of the personal trainers's initial assessment?

A Personal Trainer's Fitness Assessment

Despite the well known warnings, most women do not visit their doctors before beginning a new diet or exercise program. While there is no substitute for your doctor's advice and judgment, if you choose to hire a trainer your first session with him/her should be a consultation. During this time, you will be able to talk about your goals and what you want out of the program. If you have any injuries, this is also the time to tell your personal trainer, before he/she draws up an exercise plan for you. Your personal trainer will also weigh you, measure your body fat percentage, check your blood pressure and resting heart rate as well as assess your strength, cardiovascular fitness and your flexibility. This screening not only allows the trainer to figure out where you are from a fitness perspective, it can alert you to problems like high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a problem for about 30 million American women and is especially common in women who are overweight. It can cause heart attack, heart failure, stroke, and kidney damage among other things. Your personal trainer's assessment can let you know if you are at risk from high blood pressure or other diseases so you can promptly seek treatment from your physician.



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