Circuit Training Defined

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What is circuit training?

Circuit Training Defined

What exactly is circuit training? Many gyms are based solely around this concept: short bursts of resistance activity in a "circuit" of different exercises. This format is designed to provide a quick and efficient workout for the body, and has been gaining favor in gyms all over.

Circuit training is especially popular at gyms that are just for women. These facilities typically provide an orientation to the equipment and a no-frills atmosphere where women can work out together in a supportive environment. Many of these gyms provide machines, free weights and music for their clients.

This type of training can be done by men or women and is not necessarily limited to the gym. You can also do this kind of exercise at home if you switch off between different types of equipment. That said, it is typically easier to do in a health club environment, since there are automatically a variety of machines to use.

Circuit training can be a great way to begin a fitness routine. Exercises tend to follow a predictable pattern, and once you are familiar with the various machines, it is easy to perform the exercises. It can also be a great way to learn a wide variety of different exercises in a relatively short amount of time which can benefit anyone who is looking to amp up their fitness routine.



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