Abdominal Exercise: Know Your Muscles

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What should I know about the abdominal muscles and working out?

Abdominal Exercise: Know Your Muscles

The abdominal area is made up of a group of six separate muscles. These muscles perform a variety of functions. They help us breathe, assist us with posture and also help us to move our body. Knowing a little about where these muscles are and what they do can help when you are trying to set some fitness goals for yourself.

The deepest abdominal muscle is called the transversus abdominus, and it wraps around the organs horizontally in the body. Next are the internal and external oblique muscles which come in pairs and are located on both sides of the abdominal area. These muscles help rotate the torso. Last, there is the rectus abdominus, the most superficial layer of the abdominal muscle group.

All of these muscles fit together and help the body maintain its integrity as well as help it to move. To work these muscles effectively, abdominal exercise routines must target each of the six groups and develop them all. It can be easy to make the mistake of working only a few of them.

Group exercise classes and personal training sessions are both great ways to learn a variety of exercises for each of these muscles. Try to include some moves for each muscle group whenever you do your abdominal exercises so that you develop them equally over time.



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