Ab Workouts for Busy Women

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What are some tips for busy people who want to include ab exercises in their day?

Ab Workouts for Busy Women

Doing abdominal exercises regularly can be difficult if you lead a busy lifestyle. Staying motivated to do a full-out fitness routine at the end of the day may not always work, so here are some simple strategies for getting those ab workouts in without making things too overwhelming:

  • If you relax in front of the television when you get home from work, do some crunches during the commercials. You will get enough of an ab workout to maintain progress.
  • Easy ab workouts can be accomplished anywhere. Practice keeping your abdominal muscles engaged as you wait in line, drive your car or walk to the mailbox.
  • Get your ab exercises out of the way first thing in the morning by getting up just five minutes earlier. If you put it off, you may not get to it later in the day.
  • Learn a few Pilates moves that emphasize the abs and incorporate them into your day before breakfast.
Mix and match these ideas to make sure you get your ab workouts in each weekday; that way you can take a little break on the weekend. If you miss a day during the week, schedule in a little time on the weekend to make up for it. Finding the time to squeeze a few ab exercises in can be done -- even when you are busy. You just have to think ahead.



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