Mix Cardio and Strength Training

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Should I incorporate both cardio and weight training in my workouts?

Mix Cardio and Strength Training

To have a well-rounded exercise and fitness routine it is important to mix cardio training and weight training. Most fitness experts recommend exercise on five days of the week. Three of those days should be a cardio workout and two should include weight training. You can do three days of strength training if your body is strong enough, but do not exceed four days per week, as this does not give your body enough time to recover. When you are beginning it is important to make sure you have enough strength for your weight training workout, so weight train on days you aren't doing cardio.

If you want to lose weight or trim some fat, you should mix cardio and weight training. If you alternate short spurts of high-intensity cardio with strength training, you will surely cut fat and reap the benefits of a stronger body.



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