Deadly Diet Sins

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How do I handle my diet slip-ups?

Deadly Diet Sins

Here are some surefire ways avoid those diet slip-ups that ruin your weight loss goals and get you doing an extra treadmill workout at the gym.

  • Trigger foods: Your body naturally craves trigger foods that are high in fat. This is an instinct left over from pre-historic times. You may think one slice of pizza will throw off your entire diet, but it is ok to cave in to your cravings every once in a while. If you deprive your body of what you crave too often, you risk over-indulging later. Instead, go for your trigger foods in moderation.
  • Nighttime snacking: If you skipped breakfast or haven't eaten enough during the day, you run the risk of over-indulging in nighttime snacks after dinner. It is ok to have an after dinner snack, but try to keep your snacks under 150 calories. Make sure you get a full breakfast with fiber and protein.
  • Social eating: If your office has coffee cake by the coffee pot or you find yourself at a holiday party with delicious, high-fat snacks, you need to have a plan of action. Eat a healthy meal before you go to a party so you will be less likely to munch on snacks. Keep emergency snacks at your office such as granola bars or fruit for when you get a hankering for some of those donuts in the meeting room. This will curb you cravings and help you stay on your diet track.
  • Eating fast: It takes 20 minutes to feel full. If you eat slower at the dinner table you will notice yourself get fuller, faster. You will be tuned in with the triggers in your brain that let you know you are full, thus reducing your portions at each meal.



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