Strength Training: Upper Body

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What's are some good upper arm exercises?

Strength Training: Upper Body

One of the most commonly asked questions by novice exercisers is "What are the best arm exercises for women?" As you begin to learn more about your body, you will realize that muscle groups work together. So, in considering a workout that focuses on "arm exercises for women," you need to take a holistic approach and work the entire upper body. These are the major muscle groups to focus on:

  • Latissimus dorsi: These are the large muscles of your middle back. When you work them correctly, they give your torso a beautiful "V" shape, which in turn makes the waist appear smaller. Exercises for this area include pull-ups, chin-ups, one arm bent rows, dips on parallel bars, and the lat pull-down machine.
  • Pectorals: The pectorals are the muscles of your chest. Exercises for this area include the chest press and the chest fly.
  • Rhomboids: These are the muscles of the upper back. They are important for any woman who works at her desk. Working these muscles create symmetry in the upper body. Exercises include bent rows and any movement that pulls the shoulder blades together.
  • Deltoids: The deltoids are located at the top of the shoulder. This muscle has three parts: The anterior deltoid is at the front of the shoulder; the medial deltoid is at the middle, and the posterior deltoid is at the rear. The anterior deltoid is worked with front dumbbell raises. Lateral dumbbell raises target the medial deltoid. Rear dumbbell raises, which are performed while seated and bent at the waist, or lying face down on a flat bench) work the posterior deltoid. Warning! Rear deltoid exercises are very challenging! Start with a light weight.
  • Biceps: The biceps are located at the front of your arms. They can be worked by performing bicep curls, either with free weights, or on a bicep curl machine. Important: When working this muscle, make sure to keep your elbows in a stable position.
  • Triceps: When people ask about "arm exercises for women," they are usually talking about the triceps, which are the flabby part of the back of the arm. Exercises include tricep dips and tricep extension



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