Reshape Your Body with Strength Training for Women

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How can a female weight training program reshape my body?

Reshape Your Body with Strength Training for Women

Perhaps the most dramatic changes in a women's body can be brought about by a female strength training program. How does this work? Consider this: Many women think that they have large hips. What they actually have is a narrow shoulder area. In women, the bones of the hips are often significantly larger than the bones of your shoulders. As a result, they are often buying shoulder pads to make the body look more balanced. But what if we told you that you could develop a permanent set of shoulder pads?

By practicing women's weight training exercises such as the lateral raise, the military press and the front deltoid raise, you can re-define your shoulders, which will in turn make your hips look smaller! But let's not stop here! How much money do you spend on Wonder Bras, push-up bras, etc.? Do you realize that by performing exercises such as the bench press and the chest fly, you can create a sexy cleavage, and even make your breasts appear bigger and firmer? But wait! It gets even better.

Would you like a smaller waistline? When you work the muscles of your upper back known as the latissimus dorsi, they create a "V "shape in your torso, which in turn makes your waistline look smaller. The Lat Pulldown Machine is the best exercise for this purpose. While you are at it, since you've already created a cleavage in the front, why not balance it out with a cleavage in the back? Exercises such as the rear deltoid raise will define your upper back, making you look fabulous in low-back dresses and halter tops. Working your upper back will also improve your posture. Guess what? When you stand up straight, your stomach looks flatter!

These are just some of the benefits of a weight training program for women.



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