Weight Loss and Body Fat Distribution in Women

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Where do women accumulate body fat?

Weight Loss and Body Fat Distribution in Women

You don't need to read Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus to realize that men and women have different patterns of body fat distribution. In general, men tend to accumulate fat around their abdomen, giving them an apple or "android shape, whereas women accumulates body fat around their hips, thighs and buttocks, which results in a pear or "gynoid" shape. This fat can either be subcutaneous, which is fat placed under the skin, or visceral, which is fat that is close to the internal organs. Since abdominal fat is usually visceral fat, it can pose health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and respiratory diseases. In contrast, the subcutaneous fat that accumulates around the hips thighs and buttocks can make a woman susceptible to biomechanical injuries of the lower body.

You have probably noticed that even the best women's weight loss program may not get rid of as much lower body fat as she would like. However, there is a reason for this. Certain female hormonal functions, such as childrearing, require a basic amount of essential fat.

Although this may sound discouraging, the news is not all grim. Even though it may be harder to lose weight around your lower body, losing body fat around the abdominal area is relatively easy, provided that you follow a healthy weight loss and diet plan. In the mean time, be sure to read the chapter on strength training! Developing your upper body will make your lower body appear slimmer. It will also rev up your metabolic rate, which will accelerate the results of your weight loss program.



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