Add Mileage, Lose Weight

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What is the best workout for weight loss?

Add Mileage, Lose Weight

Looking for the best workout for weight loss? Tie on a pair of running shoes. Running burns more calories per hour than almost any other aerobic activity.

Depending on your gender, size and body type, running burns anywhere from 500 to 1,300 calories per hour; this outpaces most other forms of exercise. If you're a regular runner and weight loss is your goal, gradually increase your weekly mileage by adding a mile or two to your runs a few times a week. For example, if you might normally run three miles (or for half an hour) one day, add a mile (or another five to 10 minutes). But remember: If you increase your mileage one day, drop it back the next day. If you build up too quickly, you'll increase your risk of injury.

If you are new to running, start by alternating running with walking and gradually build up the time spent running vs. walking.



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