Gym-Phobic? Try Women's Only Gyms

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What are the benefits of women's gyms?

Gym-Phobic? Try Women's Only Gyms

The increasing prevalence and popularity of women's-only gyms has made a significant difference in women's health. Chains of women's gyms, such as Curves and Liberty Fitness, promote themselves as being more welcoming to women of all ages, shapes, sizes and fitness levels than a coed gym full of iron-pumping guys or skinny girls.

Despite the widespread awareness of the benefits of fitness and the health risks associated with overweight and obesity, many women shy away from a traditional coed gym because they feel intimidated. Women's gyms make women's health a priority, and most of these facilities have certified fitness professionals available to motivate and guide you through a 30-minute workout.



1/21/2009 9:48:46 AM
Nancy said:

I think this is great because not all females like guys checking you out while working out, now with an all women gym you can feel comfortable and non-violated.


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