Low-Calorie Snacks Can Fit A Low Budget

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What are some inexpensive ways to have low calorie snacks?

Low-Calorie Snacks Can Fit A Low Budget

Energy bars and gels can be good low-calorie snacks for women on the go, but they can be expensive, and many of them aren't really low in calories. A standard energy bar can be anywhere from 150 to nearly 300 calories.

Other options for low-calorie snacks include the prepackaged 100-calorie packs of many popular snack foods, such as Chips Ahoy cookies. But you can make your own low-calorie snack packs by dividing a bag of healthy chips, nuts, trail mix or air-popped popcorn into small Ziploc bags to take to work or to the gym.

Want a low-calorie chocolate fix? Most lowfat or no sugar added hot cocoa packets weigh in at about 60 calories per packet, and some brands have added calcium, too.



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