Nutrition Label Must-Knows: Total Fat And Serving Size

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What is the most important information on a nutrition chart?

Nutrition Label Must-Knows: Total Fat And Serving Size

Nutrition charts on food packages can be confusing, but they do have information that can help you plan a healthy diet, whether you are counting calories, looking for more protein or trying to keep your fat intake healthy.

Some nutrition chart pointers:

  • Check the serving size. The nutrition information, including calories, is based on one serving, not one package. For example, a can of soup may contain two or more servings. That means if you have the whole can, you are getting double the calories on the nutrition label.
  • Check the fat breakdown. Nutrition labels break down fat content from total fat into saturated and unsaturated fat. Some fat is essential for a healthy diet, but check nutrition charts for foods with more “good fats,” which include the unsaturated fats found in nuts, lean meats and lowfat dairy foods.

One way to keep track of all this nutrition information is to use the nutrition charts and calorie counters on You can create a healthy diet using these charts. Just visit the site and register to get access to all the charting features.



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